AIW Camp On-Campus

We have redesigned this summer’s on-campus programs to optimize learning, laughter, and creativity while adhering to state and county safety protocols. This summer will feature 2-week and 3-week (California) and 2-week (Virginia) sessions, stable groups of campers, distanced desks, and PPE… in addition to the music, active outdoor breaks, and of course writing(!), that campers have come to expect.

When watching the video below, please note that large gatherings such as “all-camp assemblies,” whole-group lunch recess, and groups over 14 will likely NOT be possible this year due to social distancing modifications.

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Camp was a great success for our son. It’s the first camp he really enjoyed and he was so proud of his book and the books of his fellow campers. He was eager and ready for camp every morning, which is saying something for a 9-year-old boy in the middle of summer vacation. As soon as camp ended he started talking about going next summer. And his excitement transferred over to our daughter, who sorely wished she was at the camp, too. So, thank you for all your hard work! Our family appreciated how fun your camp was for our kiddo.Tricia Ready

1st Grade Program

Campers entering grade 1

Campers entering grade 1 channel their natural creativity and practice foundational storytelling skills.

Elementary School Program

Campers entering grades 2-5

Campers entering grades 2-5 become published authors and develop confidence in their writing.

Middle School Program

Campers entering grades 6-8

Campers entering grades 6-8 create their own projects and improve their writing and tech skills.

On-CampusSession FAQs

Click here to see answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

“I wanted to thank you for making their camp experience so enriching and fun. They loved all aspects of the program and were very excited to show us their work.”Scott Nishiyama

I was expecting Lucas to complain about going to camp, not enjoy it, and preparing myself for 3 weeks of dealing with the emotional stress of sending him to a camp he didn’t enjoy. Quite the contrary, he never complained about going, enjoyed it, and was really excited about his book (I want to print it and send it to his grandparents). I loved that Lucas came home with books and CDs and this only added to his excitement.Eunice Koh.

Additional On-Campus Locations

Many of our locations are still determining if they will allow outside groups on campus this summer due to COVID, and we anticipate announcing more locations in the coming weeks… or possibly months. Like many of you, we are planners, and are having to adjust to the timeline this year!

Because of this, we will only be opening locations as they are confirmed, and we will only be opening 12 seats per grade in each on-campus location. Due to the limited capacity, we expect them to fill quickly. Click here to see a list of anticipated 2021 locations.