Enrollment for many on-campus as well as online summer sessions will begin on Monday, January 16th, 2023.

We anticipate returning to the pre-COVID camp format that campers love! We will continue to work closely with state and local health departments, but expect that we can resume “all-camp assemblies” and rotations to specialist teachers for music, e-book, and writing.


Rising 1st graders will develop storytelling skills, campers entering grades 2-5 write an eBook, and campers entering grades 6-8 create a story and animatic about any topic they choose. From sports and video games to princesses and ponies, we’re less concerned with the topic and more focused on your child having fun with writing while applying the new skills he or she is learning at camp.

Middle School Program

Campers entering grades 6-8

Campers entering grades 6-8 create their own projects and improve their writing and tech skills.

Elementary School Program

Campers entering grades 2-5

Campers entering grades 2-5 become published authors and develop confidence in their writing.

1st Grade Program

Campers entering grade 1

Campers entering grade 1 channel their natural creativity and practice foundational storytelling skills.


Music & Dance
Auditory learners love that we’ve worked with professional musicians to turn the curriculum into professionally produced pop songs. Every school year we hear from parents and teachers who tell us that their child is performing substantially better in writing because of things “they remember from the songs!” (Click here to hear examples of these songs.)

Kinesthetic learners love the verbal and physical story telling elements in learning games borrowed from “improv” theater.

Some reluctant elementary writers love being able to use an iPad to create a story about any (family friendly) topic of their choosing. Others come alive writing rap lyrics for good-natured “rap battles” with other camp sessions. Middle school campers embrace their voice when creating blogs, podcasts, or animatics. While we feel privileged to work with all of the campers, we do take a special joy in seeing the many, many reluctant writers each summer who fall in love with writing at Adventures in Writing Camp.
Traditional learners thrive in the project-based learning environment. The curriculum is created fresh each year, and we remain committed to providing campers positive, confidence-building experiences with writing.


Focus on COVID safety

Children become better writers

An environment where children can fall in love with writing

Engaging Curriculum

Active schedule

Convenient hours with Supervised Play available when needed

On-CampusSession FAQs

Click here to see answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

He never complained about going, enjoyed it, and was really excited about his book!

I was expecting Lucas to complain about going to camp, not enjoy it, and preparing myself for 3 weeks of dealing with the emotional stress of sending him to a camp he didn’t enjoy. Quite the contrary, he never complained about going, enjoyed it, and was really excited about his book (I want to print it and send it to his grandparents). I loved that Lucas came home with books and CDs and this only added to his excitement.

E. Koh

Parent, 1st Grade Boy

They loved all aspects of the program!

I wanted to thank you for making their camp experience so enriching and fun. They loved all aspects of the program and were very excited to show us their work.

Scott Nishiyama


He was eager and ready for camp every morning, which is saying something for a 9-year-old boy in the middle of summer vacation.

Camp was a great success for our son. It’s the first camp he really enjoyed and he was so proud of his book and the books of his fellow campers. He was eager and ready for camp every morning, which is saying something for a 9-year-old boy in the middle of summer vacation. As soon as camp ended he started talking about going next summer. And his excitement transferred over to our daughter, who sorely wished she was at the camp, too. So, thank you for all your hard work! Our family appreciated how fun your camp was for our kiddo.

Tricia Ready

Parent, 4th Grade Boy



Membership in this online writing tutoring center provides your child with personalized instruction and feedback at around one-third the cost of typical in-person tutoring. Regular assessments allow trained instructors to customize instruction to serve each child’s specific needs. Designed for kids who are already strong in writing, and those who could use a boost.


Jump Private Coaching provides your child fully customizable writing instruction in a safe, convenient, and flexible 1-1 online format. From the timing and frequency of sessions to the area(s) of emphasis, Jump Private Coaching sessions are tailored to your specific needs and goals. Feel good knowing you are helping your child prepare for success in school, their career, and beyond!