Campers entering GRADES 2-5 write their own eBooks and fall in love with writing at Adventures in Writing Camp! 
New camp curriculum each summer!

This is summer camp, not summer school!

Instruction is done through music, games, videos and technology. Campers engage in learning activities that give them positive, confidence-building experiences with writing. Your child will write an eBook about any topic of his/her choosing.



Adventures in Writing Camp fosters a love of learning and an enthusiasm for writing, giving your student an advantage as they move into the next grade.

The belief that all students need to be effective communicators, collaborators, critical thinkers, and creators guides all learning activities. Lessons are sequenced to build upon prior student knowledge, and structured to allow teachers the opportunity to meet varied student needs. In addition to daily “excursions” in writing instruction and e-book creation, campers will also participate in music- and drama-based learning. Each day, students will apply a specific theme or writing trait to their daily activities. Camps are designed as two week sessions:

Elementary Programs: Create your own eBook

Week 1: Channeling Your Natural Creativity Children are naturally creative, but idea organization often comes less naturally. We provide your child with techniques and frameworks that empower her to turn her ideas into fun, well-organized writing.  Campers will apply these new skills to brainstorming, outlining, story-mapping, and rough-drafting their eBooks during the first week of camp.

Week 2: Bringing Your Ideas to Life During the second week, your child will continue the process of creating his eBook by turning his ideas into a “can’t put it down” story. He will learn techniques for adding strong introductions, colorful language, and illustrative details to his writing. Editing is emphasized, as campers work with editing partners (and staff) to improve their stories and develop skills for giving (and receiving) feedback. At the end of the week, each camper’s book will be published as an eBook, where it can be downloaded on the Lemur Library and shared with family and friends! 


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