Kids in GRADES 6-8 create their own project about a topic they love, and improve their persuasive and explanatory writing skills. New camp curriculum each summer!


 Writing, technology, and digital citizenship

Your child will spend two weeks exploring a topic of his or her choice and creating a project related to that exploration. Whether it’s baseball, cooking, video games, fashion, or another obsession, this “passion area” is the framework for lessons around writing and research, technology (video editing), basic journalism (interviews and podcasts) and safe and responsible use of the internet (“digital citizenship”). Perhaps most importantly, it stays true to the Adventures in Writing Camp mission of helping campers grow through positive, confidence building experiences with writing.
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Common Core, Uncommon Approach

AIW Camp helps middle school students to develop as sophisticated writers, giving them the tools and confidence to use writing as a means to share their voice with the world.

The belief that all students need to be effective communicators, collaborators, critical thinkers, and creators guides all learning activities. Lessons are sequenced to build upon prior student knowledge, and structured to allow teachers the opportunity to meet varied student needs.
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Lunch (Bay Area Only)

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