An Untypical Day

There is very little “typical” about a day at Adventures in Writing Camp.

Like other top summer programs, we run weekdays from 9:00 am through 3:00 pm, with extended care available. But as far as what happens between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm? Anything but typical. You did watch the video on the home page, right? The Middle School program is designed to meet rising 6th – 8th graders where they’re at by helping them to develop sophisticated writing strategies, while also providing them with plenty of freedom to write about a topic that is interesting to them. Campers spend the day creating a project, participating in teamwork challenges with their peers, and developing tech skills that will last a lifetime. All of our programs are taught by energetic and CREDENTIALED middle school teachers who will work with students to help them develop skills and build confidence. The entire program is designed to help middle school students use language and technology to share their unique voices with the world.

Morning Sessions

During the Morning Sessions, campers prepare for a busy day working on their project! Campers review the day’s agenda with their Writing Ranger, and use it to create a plan for what they will accomplish that day. Throughout the two weeks, campers work to develop their author’s purpose, and use real-world examples to understand how and why people write. 

Daily Writing Lesson

Credentialed teachers lead the middle school group through daily writing lessons, in which campers practice advanced writing skills that will help them throughout their lives. Each day focuses on a particular trait of writing, such as author’s voice, fluency, organization, and conciseness. Young writers will learn to produce clear, effective, and engaging content for their projects that will leave their audience wanting more. 

Troop Time

During Troop Time, campers take a break from writing and get moving! Working in groups of their peers, campers complete scavenger hunts, play games, and take on challenges that will help them to develop teamwork and leadership skills. Troop Time provides the perfect opportunity for campers to get to know their peers and refresh their brains before the afternoon sessions.

Afternoon Sessions

After lunch, middle school writers put their newfound writing skills to use by creating content for their very own projects. Some project aspects will use traditional writing to share an idea with the world, while others may require campers to use podcasts, videos, and graphic design as a means of communication. During the Afternoon Session, campers will have plenty of independent work time to work on writing and designing the pieces of thier project, as well as time to work together with their peers and friends. All campers will also have the opportunity to work one-on-one with their Writing Ranger and Adventure Guide (counselor) to discuss ways to make their project even better!