Financial Assistance at Adventures in Writing Camp

Welcome to the home page for the AIW Camp Financial Aid Program.

In light of the financial challenges we (and most camps!) have faced over the past year, we have temporarily modified our Financial Assistance program for this summer. While we are optimistic for the year ahead, enrollment caps necessitated by social distancing considerations will continue to impact us this summer.

As a result, we will be offering a limited number of financial aid awards for select online half-day summer sessions, but we will not have an award program for on-campus sessions in 2021. The online sessions are:

Theme: Adventures in Writing
June 21 – July 2 (9am-12pm PST)
July 19 – July 28 (9am-12pm PST)

Theme: Adventures in PLAYwriting
July 12 – July 23 (9am – 12pm PST)

If you wish to help make Adventures in Writing Camp a reality for more students, you can help by making a tax-deductible donation to our financial assistance fund. On behalf of campers, their families, and our team, we thank you for your support!

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Application Process

To be eligible for a scholarship, a camper must be part of his or her school district’s free and reduced price lunch program, or for private school students, your school’s equivalent program. You will be asked to upload proof of program participation as part of the application process.

Families interested in applying for a scholarship for their camper(s) must complete the on-line application process (below) by May 10th, 2021.

If you are applying for aid for multiple children, please complete a separate application for each child. If assistance is awarded, applicants will receive an email with their session (date and location) and assistance percentage, as well as enrollment instructions.

Assistance is offered on a % of enrollment cost basis. You may request 25% assistance, 50% assistance, 75% assistance, or 90% assistance. Please note that in order to support and accommodate as many families as possible, we anticipate awarding more 25% and 50% scholarships than 75% and 90%, though the total dollar amount of 75% and 90% scholarships will likely exceed that of the 25% and 50% awards.

Please note that financial assistance may not be applied to previously purchased camp sessions. Any refund requests for amounts paid for camp enrollment are subject to the normal cancellation policy. Submission of a financial aid application does not constitute acceptance into the program.

Start your Application Now!

Step 1: Login or create an account at

Step 2: Once logged in to your account, navigate to Manage Campers and add your child(ren)

Step 3: After your child has been added, visit to submit an application for this child. Note: you will have to submit multiple applications if applying for multiple children.

Step 4: Await notification of your award request