Life’s an adventure, and you must be prepared for anything…

From free writing activities to web-based classes and tutoring, we provide you with convenient content that entertains and enriches your child(ren)… leaving you time to prepare for life’s next adventure… did someone say dinner?

Meet Our Instructors

Alissa Watts

Alissa was raised in Chicago, Illinois but has lived in many other places, including Washington, Hawaii, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Argentina, Mexico, South Korea and Thailand. She speaks Korean, English, and Spanish.

Caitlin Orr

Caitlin works with schools, districts, and churches to arrange optimal facilities space for Adventures in Writing Camp’s sessions.

Annie Lavin

Breanne earned her English credential from Cal State University, Fullerton in 2013 and has been teaching ever since.

Maddie Alvendia

Maddie Alvendia is a recent May 2019 graduate from Harvard where she earned her Master’s in Education.

Amber Medina

Amber is a recent graduate from UC Davis. She is now attending UCLA to obtain her Masters in Education and teaching credential.

David Carter

Hello, I am David Carter. I’m inspired by the rich song of life and learning to teach with the warm, curious adventure of music!