Campers entering GRADES 1-8 meet 50-minutes daily for small group instruction with live credentialed teachers!

Add a dash of structure, and a pinch of fun to your child’s afternoon with one of our small-group (5-7 students) courses. Each week our credentialed-teacher instructors cook-up engaging lessons and interactive experiences that develop skills and expose young writers to various forms of writing. From poetry and memoirs, to fact-writing and fairy-tales, we’re sure to have something your child will savor and enjoy!

Courses are facilitated by a credentialed teacher or professional writer. Class meets daily for 50-minutes.

PRIVATE COURSE (1st-8th Grade)

Form deeper connections with your current friends by scheduling your own private writing club!

$100/student* for a private 5-day course for up to 8 students. Courses may be scheduled between 8am and 5pm PST. Request by logging-in and clicking here.

Course Topics

Story Elements: This course covers the basics of creative writing! This class focuses on the importance of character, setting, plot, and sensory details in writing. Students will create a story that builds on their new writing skills!

Communications: This course will focus on the importance of communication, both through dialogue and letter writing. Students will look at famous works of art and use their imaginations to create riveting dialogue and explore the art of letter writing. Class will also discover how to add body language and emotions to their writing.

Fairy-tales Revisited: Students will take a well-known fairytale or myth and revisit it in a creative way. This class focuses on the power of figurative language from metaphors, similes, onomatopoeias, hyperboles, personification, to idioms! A great class for a creative mind!

Memoirs Nonfiction: Learn the basics of what makes a great memoir! Students will focus their writing inward and explore their emotions. Class will also cover the importance of sensory details and how to add descriptions to their writing to engage their readers.

Poetry: Students get a crash course in poetry! Class will introduce students to various forms of poetry: haiku, rhyming couplets, acrostic poetry, blackout poetry, narrative poems, and limericks. Students will have many opportunities to practice their new poetry skills.

Opinion Writing: What’s your passion? Everyone has something they feel strongly about! In opinion writing we will explore your passions and develop one into a convincing persuasive writing piece using multiple strategies and skills expert writers wield! Join us for a class that will take you from novice to proficient writer with tips and tricks on how to persuade, outline, elaborate, begin, and end an outstanding opinion writing.

Journalism (News Story): Welcome to Writing a News Story. After learning about writers and what they do, each student will write a newspaper story. Students will choose their own story topic based on ideas they develop from reading example news articles. Students will edit their own stories, write a headline, lay out the newspaper (including photos or graphics, as appropriate), and may produce a class newspaper. Kids will love this stimulating and educational lesson segment in writing! The course supports many standards in writing and allows for a fun, creative outlet for kids to engage in something new!

Summary Writing: Are you ready to write a summary the right way? If you are student you will be asked to summarize, report, or retell what you have learned. In this session we will work on the skills of reading a text, note taking, and how to sum up the most important parts in your own words. Rewording and synonyms will be skills we build alongside note taking and the process of outlining to editing. Condensing what is read into a summary, a lifelong skill, will be a breeze after this learning all the technique and skills of this class!

Writing with Facts: Learn how to cite and properly research using reliable websites while writing a non-fiction report.

The Art of Storytelling: Learn the art of storytelling as you bring characters to life and place them within rich narratives. The fundamentals of story structure will be covered in this course, as well as character development and figurative language. This course is perfect for writers of all ages and stages!


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If you need to cancel your course session, you are able to do so up until 5pm the Wednesday before your course begins. You will be charged a $5 cancellation fee. The remaining balance will be refunded to your original payment method. To request a refund, please email