Parents of Bay Area campers have the option of ordering lunch and a snack each day though Flo’s Friendly Foods.

Families can order a “pre-set” menu for the full two weeks of camp with just a few clicks, or order day-by-day. Orders must be placed by noon on the day before the meal will be eaten (i.e. Wednesday’s lunch and snack must be ordered by noon on Tuesday.)

To get started, visit and set up your account. When creating your account you will need to enter your camp’s Campus Code which can be found here.

Flo’s Friendly Foods is a local Bay Area company focused on delivering fresh, delicious, allergen-free food to schools and summer programs. Florence Eriksson created the business response to her own son’s severe food allergies, and we appreciate her dedication to providing campers tasty, nutritious, and safe meals and snacks.

As their website says, “Flo’s Friendly Foods provides food solutions for people with dietary restrictions and the business that serve them. We have created an inclusive menu and product line that features dishes for vegans, food allergies, celiacs and those that eat kosher but most importantly for those who want great tasting food.”

We do not currently offer lunch in locations outside the San Francisco Bay Area