If you enjoyed AIW Camp Online, you will love “After-School Adventures!”

After School Adventures gives your child the opportunity to continue the AIW Camp online experience during the school year! Campers’ favorite teachers and actors from the summer will guide them through new writing lessons and activities that reinforce and build-upon skills learned at AIW over the summer.

These multi-week programs meet online two afternoons per week, with Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday tracks available. Campers work with credentialed teachers and actors and to learn about informational and creative writing.

Like AIW Camp Online, campers will spend part of the After-School Adventure in an “all campers” environment and part in a small group of friends (“cabin”) setting. Instruction is done through music, online games, videos and technology. Campers engage in learning activities that give them positive, confidence-building experiences with writing. Emphasis is placed on connecting and sharing ideas and laughter with their instructors and camp “cabin-mates.”

Session 2: Safari Adventure (Oct. 12 – Nov. 11)

Each week campers will learn about a fascinating animal, create a Safari Journal Guide, and use the animal traits to learn different writing skills. Campers will practice these skills while creating their own animal “field guide” and story about their very own fictitious animal! Come along for the adventure of a lifetime with Zoologist Zoe! For those of you who have joined us last year, this is a completely different adventure. Campers will explore important grammar conventions to become better writers and bring their writing to life not only in their Safari Guide but also in their very own documentary on their animal in the “Technoverse!”


Session 3: Adventures in Journalism (Jan. 10 – Feb. 17)

Journalism comes in many forms. You can read a newspaper an online news source or watch your local news station. However, recently a new type of journalism has taken the world by storm and this is Blogging. Through blogs people are able to share their interest, hobbies, and even their conspiracy theories. In this camp we will explore how to share your thoughts and ideas through the use of writing skills and conventions. Each week campers will blog about a different topic of interest and learn an important writing and reading skill like sequencing, identifying key details, and cause and effect! Come with us to the the coolest blogger on the block!

Session 4: The Great Writing Expedition (Apr. 18 – May 26)

Get ready for an epic writing adventure! In this session, campers will work through the different purposes of writing covered in California Common Core– informational writing, opinion/persuasive writing, and narrative writing. Your child will learn valuable writing craft skills to help them fall in love with and accelerate their writing. This program is great for writers of all levels!