Campers entering GRADES 1-5 join us twice weekly for an entertaining and enriching writing adventure!

If you enjoyed AIW Camp Online, you will love “After-School Adventures!” This 6-week program meets online two afternoons per week, from 3:30pm to 5:30pm Pacific. Campers work with credentialed teachers and actors and to learn about informational and creative writing. Like AIW Camp Online, campers will spend part of the After-School Adventure in an “all campers” environment and part in a small group of friends (“cabin”) setting. Instruction is done through music, online games, videos and technology. Campers engage in learning activities that give them positive, confidence-building experiences with writing. Emphasis is placed on connecting and sharing ideas and laughter with their instructors and camp “cabin-mates.”

Fables & Legends: Nov. 2nd – Dec. 16th, – $449
Meets Monday & Wednesday
from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm Pacific
Note: No meetings week of Thanksgiving

Fables and Legends
What makes a captivating fable or legend? Your child will find out this fall, as they virtually venture through fables, legends, and stories from around the world!

While the subjects, styles, and original-languages of these stories may vary, many of the great fables of the world share techniques and traits that make them universally captivating. Your adventurer will learn and practice these techniques while writing his or her own exciting fable or legend. Credentialed teachers will use storytelling and skill-based writing instruction to develop and hone writing skills.

Your child will be taught by a credentialed writing teacher and work in small groups with both teachers and teaching artists to bring his or her ideas and stories to life.

Fables and Legends: 6 weeks, Monday and Wednesday, Nov 2 – Dec 16, no meetings week of Thanksgiving