Common Core, Uncommon Approach

Adventures in Writing Camp’s 1st grade program helps beginning writers to develop storytelling skills, teamwork, and a love of writing.

The belief that all students need to be effective communicators, collaborators, critical thinkers, and creators guides all learning activities. Lessons are sequenced to build upon prior student knowledge, and structured to allow teachers the opportunity to meet varied student needs. Camps are designed as two week sessions:

1st Grade Programs: Write a group eBook

Week 1: Unleashing Your Imagination During the first week of camp, children are encouraged to bring their biggest, funniest, and CRAZIEST ideas to the table as they explore what writing is and why it is important. Working with a credentialed teacher, campers will begin to develop foundational storytelling skills such as character, plot, and setting. They will also have plenty of opportunities to showcase their natural creativity through games, crafts, and structured play. 

Week 2: Using Writing to Tell a Story During the second week, the 1st grade class will work together to write and publish an eBook. Campers will develop collaboration skills as they work with their peers and teachers to brainstorm, organize, and write a story. Beginning writers will be amazed at how writing can be used to share their best ideas with the world! At the end of the week, the class eBook will be published on the Lemur Library to be enjoyed by friends and family.